Homepage of AVCutty
Latest Version: 3.7 

The tool for capturing, cutting and trimming your video material.

With optical/digital scene detection and many other functions for
working with videos (Importing, sorting, trimming, archiving...).

Further information you will get here...

Latest news:
March 28, 2021:
Optional function because of some problems temp. removed. See 'history.txt'
January 2, 2021:
Some small changes. See 'history.txt'
February 18, 2018:
Please note the changed mail address. See Imprint or eMail form...
July 10, 2016:
After some changes, AVCutty should work with Windows 10, too. At least, I can't reproduce the problem any more. But if you are using AVCutty with Windows 10, please check the generated AVI scene files, before deleting the original material.
December 27, 2015:
AVCutty has a problem in generating the scene AVIs when used in Windows 10. Sometimes the generated scene AVIs are to short. I will try to fix this. But it will take some time...
July 28, 2015:
The server was not reachable for some days. But now, AVCutty.de is online again...
February 20, 2014:
The domain AVCutty.de has it's tenth 'birthday'. I have taken this as a reason to change the look of the homepage a little bit...
January 26, 2014:
New version of AVCutty: some small internal changes and a portable version (this means, you can download AVCutty as a ZIP file. The contained version can be used without setup process).
October 04, 2012:
Because of a problem with the version number of the english language DLL, I have updated AVCutty once again. More information: Changes...
October 03, 2012:
AVCutty 3.3 is online. Some whishes from users were added. More detailed information you will find here: Changes...
June 15, 2011:
I have uploaded an actualised version of the german AVCutty help files. You will find the (automatically) translated online help here. Shure, the english isn't good, but better than nothing.
July 04, 2010:
Version 3.2, including some extensions to improve the usability of AVCutty is online. For detailed information, see the history file.
April 05, 2010:
Version 3.1 is online. Some features are added. But the main point is a change in the startup sequence. The old startup sequence has caused an access violation on some systems. The complete history: Changes...
June 28, 2009:
I have released an updated version of AVCutty. A description of the changes in the version 3.0a you will find at the following page: Changes...
August 11, 2008:
It seems to be a problem to use AVCutty on PCs where the program "Nero 8" is installed. The setup of Nero 8 installs some DirectX components in the system. These components also have an effect on AVCutty. In this case you may receive an error message with the code "1008" or AVCutty may show only the first frame of each AVI. Also, the optical scene detection only finds one scene per AVI file. In this case, if you want to use AVCutty, please contact me by mail.
Januar 15, 2008:
The new version of AVCutty is finished. The completely redesigned user interface is more equivalent to the windows standard. The new feature 'scene group' is an efficient tool to organize many scenes. And the scene groups in conjunction with the also new storyboard speed up getting a first overview about the scenes of a project. More about the new features you will find in the file us_history.txt. And for 2.x users, who want to have a first look on the new version: version 3.0 can be installed parallel to version 2.x.
April 22, 2007:
Because of a lack of time, I don't have managed it to finish the new version of AVCutty. But I don't want to put back some changes. Therefore, I release this small interim update 2.4e for the version 2.4.
November 4, 2006:
I have changed the design of the homepage. If a link doesn't work, please send me a short message.
October 20, 2006:
It will take some time to complete the next version of AVCutty. So, I release a small interim update for the version 2.4. The version 2.4d corrects some minor problems and adds some nice changes in the behaviour of AVCutty.
October 4, 2006:
I have uploaded the german AVCutty help files. Now it is possible to load an automatically translated version of them. Shure, the english isn't good, but better than nothing.
To read the english translation, click here. For a french translation, click here.
July 6, 2006:
Still working on the next version of AVCutty...
December 11, 2005:
This new release of AVCutty corrects a problem with the scene detection, which occurs with some AVI files. For more information see the history. Additionally, some small features are included.
June 19, 2005:
Unfortunately there are some bugs in the version 2.4. With version 2.4b they are corrected. Additionally, some new features are implemented in the new version...
May 19, 2005:
Now AVCutty supports the Cineform Intermediates HD-Video AVI format in the optical scene recognition.
May 15, 2005:
Here it is... the new version of AVCutty. Highlights are certainly the new functions "DV-Capture", "DV-Datestamp recognition", "Writing of DV-Datestamps into DV-AVIs" and the possibility to resize the AVCutty dialogs.
November 7, 2004:
The combination of DirectX, some video editing programs and MS-DV-Type1 can result in a problem in AVCutty. So I have to make another little update...
September 8, 2004:
New version of AVCutty... with some small fixes. There are not many new things, but the next release will be a bigger update...
July 13, 2004:
A small update of AVCutty. Some new options and internal improvements.
May 7, 2004:
Some days ago, my webhoster has suddenly closed his business. So, this site wasn't reachable in the last few days. But now the site is online again...
March 15, 2004:
At the link page is a new tutorial for AVCutty. The name is "Werbeblöcke aus Filmen rausschneiden" (in German only... sorry)
March 15, 2004:
The new AVCutty version is available. It has many new features...
March 8, 2004:
Today the bulletin board of 'www.avcutty.de' is sometimes offline, because the server has problems. I do hope these issues get resolved...
February 20, 2004:
The domain 'www.avcutty.de' goes online.