Donation for AVCutty via PayPal

AVCutty is 'Donationware'. This means, that if you use this software, you should send a small amount to the developer of this software (that's me). It is your part to decide, how much you send. A common practice is approximately 20 Euro.

The development and support takes a lot of time. And you will save a lot of time using AVCutty. So I think, a small token of appreciation is in order. I will use your donation to buy the hard-/software I need for developing AVCutty.

If you send me a donation, you will get a key, which disables the "Reminder"-Dialog. So, please send me your postal address and your email address with your donation. I need it to generate your AVCutty key.

You can use the following button to make a donation for AVCutty via PayPal: please choose a currency and click the button. On the PayPal page enter the amount you want to donate. After that, please follow the instructions on the PayPal page to finish the transaction:

Please select your currency

If you have problems when using this link, simply go to, log into your PayPal account and send the donation to ('recipient').

Thank you...