Version:  3.7
Updated:  January 2, 2021
History:  us_history.txt
License:  Donationware

AVCutty is 'Donationware'. To support the further development of AVCutty, you should send me a donation as 'cash in a letter' or with 'Paypal'. You will find detailed information about sending your donation in the readme file of AVCutty. Thank you.

Download of AVCutty Setup (*.exe)
(ca. 1MB / The file is a setup for AVCutty. Start the program and follow the instructions. Further information about AVCutty you will get in the file "readme.txt". And please have a look on the section 'The documentation' on this page.)

Download of AVCutty Portable (*.zip)
(ca. 1MB / The file is a ZIP file. After decompressing the included directory, doubleclick on "avcutty_portable.exe" to run AVCutty.)

The documentation:
The german documentation is included in the AVCutty setup. But there is no english tanslation at the moment. However, I have uploaded the german AVCutty help files on my web space. With help of Goolge it is possible to get an automatically translated version of them. Shure, the automated translation isn't perfect, but better than nothing. Additionally, please use the tooltips in AVCutty as a little help. And if you understand german and have too much free time, you could make a translation of the german help files. I would be very glad.
Here the automated english translation. And here a "human done" french translation (AVCutty version 2x / PDF).

Windows 2000 and older:
In AVCutty 3, a Windows function is used to place the icons on the buttons. But this function is not supported in Windows 2000 and before. So, under Windows 2000, the buttons in AVCutty 3 are displayed without icons. For this case, the AVCutty version 2.4f can be downloaded here: Download AVCutty 2.4f

AVCutty is (among other sites) also available at the following sites:      heise download      WinLoad      WinTotal      ZDNet      Digital-Digest

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